At Stonesize, we want to say goodbye to the year with a summary of the content we have published in this blog throughout 2020. It was a challenging year due to the pandemic. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers, customers, and collaborators.

Our large format stone blog articles are distributed in 5 main categories: large format, facades, furniture, backlights, and Stonsize technology. Let’s get started!

Large format natural stone

One of the articles which caught most interest was entitled “Large format: porcelain vs. light natural stone panels.”

Until recently, when working with large format slabs it was   necessary to involve porcelain due to its lower thickness and lighter weight. However, nowadays, the reference brand for natural stone “Stonesize” allows large-format coverings using light, natural stone panels. The aesthetic result of natural stone is spectacular, especially if we compare it with porcelain tiles that imitate stone design.

Paredes de mármol natural - Natural marble walls

We have also written about the majesty and lightness of large Stonesize marble walls. In the past, installing walls of natural marble involved a major difficulty: weight. The slabs were 2 cm thick, so architects and interior designers could not use large sizes.

Revestimiento de Piedra - Fior di Bosco - Stone cladding

Recently, however, with the ultra-lightweight Stonesize panels, the technique for stone cladding has undergone a major technological revolution. The application of Stonesize panels allows the total transformation of interiors or exteriors, regardless of the building’s age. Thanks to the lightness, low thickness, large size, resistance, and ease of installation never seen before.

The large-format floors in light natural stone have prevailed this 2020. Often, in projects with a high creative component, it is necessary to harmonize technical and aesthetic criteria to make the floor viable.

Extendido en seco en mármol de gran formato - Large format marble dry laying

Finally, in the section dedicated to large format, an article about large dry-laid floors could not be missing. In most of the marble compositions of large format, impressive and high-quality visual results are sought. Therefore, the minimum number of joints and the continuation of the veins’ drawing between the different panels are fundamental factors.


The contents related to the facades have shown the more technical side of the Stonesize panels.

Control dilataciones fachadas ventiladas - Ventilated facades expansion control-expancion_control-expancion_control

We have talked about expansion control in ventilated facades. All the building elements must be adequately fixed to each other but allowing their free expansion and contraction due to the cycles of thermal changes.

Comportamiento mecánico de los paneles sandwich de piedra natural

We have also analyzed the mechanical behavior of natural stone sandwich panels and how Stonesize technology can improve the stone’s mechanical properties.

Fachada singular de piedra natural - Natural stone singular façade

Another article that has generated significant interest was dedicated to the singular facades of natural stone. This element works as a great face of the building, making it unique and unrepeatable.

Paneles para fachadas industrializadas- Stonesize - Industrialized facade panels

Our specialists have written at length about industrialized stone facades, capable of exploiting to its entirety the Stonesize value proposition: big, light, natural, resistant, easy.

Entrevista Eduardo Gayoso

Finally, we interviewed Eduardo Gayoso, Building Engineer, Architect, and specialist in lightweight facades, about Stonsize panels.

Marble furniture

Stonesize marble and natural stone panels allow you to create furniture with a 5-sided view and grain’s continuation. As we will see below, its lightness and resistance open a new world of possibilities within the mechanized elements of the furniture.

Marble vanities - Mueble de mármol con lavabo

Our marble furniture with integrated washbasin are unique and unrepeatable pieces made with singular and exotic stones. They are made with laminated panels that combine a fine natural stone skin with high-performance honeycomb or fiberglass materials.

With Stonesize we can also create drawers and doors made of marble, onyx, or quartzite with weight almost three times lower than a conventional stone which is 2 cm thick and prevents machining.

Frentes de cocina de piedra natural - Natural stone kitchen fronts

The heavy becomes light in kitchens, and with Stonesize it is possible to apply   stone not only to the countertops but also to all the fronts of cabinets and drawers

Chimeneas de mármol en columna y gran formato - Mármol Savannah Pink marble -Large format double sided marble fireplaces

We close this chapter of stone furniture with the large format double sided marble fireplaces —premium protagonists in the luxury and authentic trend rooms for 2021.

Backlit natural stone panels

Piedra natural retroiluminada - Backlit natural stone

The Stonesize backlit natural stone provides a highly attractive aesthetic and a fabulous character to the element that integrates it.  Stonesize innovative backlit stone panels offer amazing translucency in virtually any size for interiors.

Piedra translucida lámparas - Translucent stone lamps

They have even been selected as the stone material for Raquel Oliva Collection’s jewelry lamps, Vice President of Oliva Iluminación.

Stonesize Technology

We reach the final stretch of the 2020 summary by referring to high technology.

On the one hand, with the interview made with Andrés Valdés, Sales & Product General Manager of TINO Natural Stone, following the selection of Stonesize by the prestigious Urban Robot Associates studio to design the hotel room of the future in HD Expo + Conference.

Entrevista a Javier Cruz

On the other hand, in the interview with Javier Cruz, Technical Manager of Stonesize, who explains why Stonesize represents a technological revolution in natural stone.

And finally, an article entitled “Stone with Honeycomb for interiors” explains how, what was unthinkable to achieve with 2 cm thick dimensional stone, is now possible with Stonesize ultra-light stone panels.

We hope that were able to contribute to your 2020 readings and reiterate, as we did at the beginning of this post, our wishes for a Happy New Year to all our readers, customers, and partners.