The Stonesize backlit natural stone grants a highly attractive aesthetic and a fabulous character to the element that integrates it.  Stonesize innovative backlit stone panels offer excellent translucency for interior designs in virtually any size.

Stonesize is a state-of-the-art material capable of producing ultra-thin, ultra-light natural stone slabs with multiple applications and a high functionality level.


Stonesize® can create backlit furniture elements.

Designer lighting elements.

Large format backlit coatings.

Types of backlit natural stone

Onyx is one of the stone families that are most used for backlighting. Its crystalline composition and its great beauty create unparalleled magical environments.

Some quartzites and marbles can also be backlit.  Patagonia is a beautiful and resistant beige quartzite that allows the realization of exuberant backlights due to its semi-opaque nature. Some of its parts are translucent, and others are not, so it is perfect for developing large projects where natural stone and the play of light are essential.

Another backlit quartzite is the incredible Macaubas Blue. It presents a crystalline base of Sky Blue color that alternates pale shades with other darker ones. Its veins are linear, thick, and white. Occasionally, fine pumpkin-colored streaks appear.

Iceberg White is a white calcitic marble. It has a polar white and translucent background with light crystalline streaks and yellow touches.

STONESIZE SSPO Honeycomb Translucent

A thin layer of natural stone reinforced by a polymer Honeycomb core grants the final panel extreme lightness and transparency to the light allowing it to be backlit.

What are Stonesize panels?

Los paneles de piedra natural ultraligeros Stonesize consisten en una capa muy delgada de piedra natural, reforzada por materiales compactos y ultraligeros, como los paneles Honeycomb. Con cada panel se reduce el peso de la piedra dimensional en más de un 80%, lo que convierte a Stonesize en una solución ideal para muchas aplicaciones, tales como: industria naval, diseño residencial y grandes proyectos.

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Stonesize ultra-lightweight natural stone panels consist of a thin layer of natural stone, reinforced by compact, ultra-lightweight materials such as Honeycomb panels. Each panel reduces the dimensional stone’s weight by more than 80%, making Stonesize an ideal solution for many applications, such as the naval industry, residential design, and large projects.

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