Marble vanities are unique and unrepeatable. They are made of singular, and exotic stones. They offer luxury and refinement to any space and are capricious elements that acquire all the protagonism being a sign of a special taste for the details.

Choosing this type of design is synonym of pursuing a higher objective of excellence within a global project.  Its materialization is always linked to the beauty of the product itself as well as to its elaboration.

The multiple working options of natural stone allow great creative freedom when it comes to conceiving a piece of these characteristics.

Lightweight Stonesize furniture is made of laminated panels that combine fine natural stone skin with high-performance materials such as honeycomb or fiberglass.

Compact marble vanities

Marble vanities - Mueble de mármol con lavabo

This is one of the handcrafted marble vanities that we are making in our Macael factory in Almería. The material used is the Nebula White marble, a dolomite rock with a homogeneous white base that presents greyish veins with violet touches.

The assembly of several plates has obtained the appearance as an entire block; its look suggests that it is a whole and not the sum of several pieces. An example is the continuity of the drawing of the veins of the vertical part in the horizontal surface that integrates pile and worktop.

Marble piece than integrates washbasn, worktop, and storage

Marble vanities - Mueble de mármol con lavabo

The assembly specialist, following the designer’s instructions, has once again opted for the continuity of the veins in the different elements of the composition.

This assembly technique, in addition to its obvious aesthetic advantages, also makes it possible to integrate essential elements for the bathroom — for example, the worktop, niches for storage or decoration, and drain. The latter has dispensed with metal elements to use only the inclination of the marble plate so that the slope removes the water.

The material used is the Picasso marble, a very singular stone for its beautiful profusion of grey and gold veins on a white background.

The importance of miters in marble vanities

Marble vanities - Mueble de mármol con lavabo

Above these lines, we see a large vanity of the incomparable Portoro marble. It is a high-quality black marble. The vast crystalline black of its base is furrowed by a spectacular burst of golden veins and white effervescences.

As mentioned above, in order to obtain a piece of these characteristics it is essential that the elaboration is carried out by an expert. It is necessary to know the product in depth and to know how it behaves when working with it. Finally, it is vital that the operator can make a refined finish, especially in the encounter of the corners so that the sensibility of the product is preserved.

The work of the miter makes the difference because it is the one that takes care of the encounter between the different pieces: only optimal assembly and chamfering guarantees an aesthetic and practical result. We have to remember that it will be a piece that is going to be used daily, exposed to the incidence of water and its durability is fundamental.

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