When we talk about ultra-light machined marble and natural stone furniture, we refer to designs in which the doors, drawers, or others are made of marble or natural stone elements.

Gone are the days of bathroom or kitchen furniture where the stone was relegated solely and exclusively to the countertop.

With Stonesize natural stone panels, we reduce the material’s weight to a minimum and multiply its strength to create machined natural stone elements.

Instalación de una mueble suspendido de piedra natural

Thanks to the extraordinary features of Stonesize, we can produce everything from floating furniture and cabinets to backlit onyx furniture or other formats that were previously unthinkable in dimensional stone (2 cm thick).

What types of machined furniture in natural stone marble can we create?

These are the main machined elements that we can create in natural stone, but Stonesize is so versatile that the limits of creativity disappear:

  • Drawer fronts
  • Drawer bottoms
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Bathroom furniture with stone drawers
  • Bathroom furniture with stone doors
  • Built-in cabinets with stone doors and base.
  • Ultralight stone cabinets
  • Stone cabinets with showcases
  • Mechanized furniture in natural stone with backlighting
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen islands with drawers and stone cabinets
  • Marble living room furniture
  • Passing doors
  • Marble or natural stone movable partition walls
  • etc.

What is Stonesize?

Stonesize is the ultra-lightweight stone system that has revolutionized the traditional concept of natural stonework. It combines a laminated panel of 100% natural stone with honeycomb, fiberglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials.

Piezas para mueble estructural muy ligero. Doble estructura Honeycomb. Alta resistencia.

This solution allows us to do with natural stone what until now was unthinkable or too complex. In addition to combining large format, lightness, and strength, it is fully machinable, opening up a new world of possibilities for creating any furniture.

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