A backlit opaque marble wall panel functions as a luxury wall covering while creating a beautiful atmosphere with its indirect light.

It is an element of great aesthetic value, a differentiating factor that makes the room unique. Here’s why.

The value of natural stone: Exclusivity

The backlit opaque marble panel we see in the images is made of Pietra Grey, a natural stone with a sober and elegant dark grey base and subtle white veins. Some glazes of different shades of grey often accompany the whole composition.

Therefore, we are talking about a noble and 100% natural material that presents a pattern created by nature and not by man’s hand, making it inimitable and irreproducible in series, such as porcelain tiles.

The warmth of indirect light

Mármol opaco retroiluminado - Backlit Opaque Marble

This backlit opaque marble panel emits indirect light. It is a large luminaire but illuminates the room gently, generating a pleasantly warm and comfortable atmosphere without stridency.

A highly decorative and functional large-format piece

The large dimensions of the piece contrast with its lightness thanks to its manufacturing process. We are using Stonesize technology, capable of reducing the natural stone panels’ weight by almost 80%. As a result, the installation or cleaning work and the actual hanging on the wall are simplified extraordinarily.

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