Raised floors

One of the best ways to have large formats is Stonesize. Its technology means that we can have pieces of natural stone in formats that were previously impossible.


With the lightweight natural stone  panels for raised floors Stonesize we achieve yields never seen before in natural products in interior design. Its great lightness and the ability to manufacture large formats allow to install all kinds of high technical floors in record time and with the minimum amount of resources. The ideal solution for fast and light architecture.







Lightweight natural stone  panels for raised floors

Stonesize® technical floors can adapt its size to the specific needs of each project. Natural stone laminated panels combine porcelanic lamination or other high-performance materials, allowing for functionality and aesthetics and providing pieces of dimensions previously unthinkable.

The Stonesize solution for raised floors offers natural stone panels up to 2900 x 1200 mm but with an sensibly reduced weight.

Stonesize lightweight stone slabs for floors are a revolutionary solution in terms of weight. Their thickness is minimal and ranges from 5 mm to 20 mm, depending on the requirements of each floor.

Its weight is approximately three times less than traditional stone slabs so that the viability of many previously unviable projects can now be carried out in complete safety.

The low weight of natural stone laminated panels for raised floors facilitates quick and agile installation.  Each piece can be handled comfortably and efficiently by the installer.

The Stonesize technical floor application system saves time and resources thanks to its simplicity and lightness.

Go to our professional area to see how our technicians handle the boards manually without any mechanical help.

The technical flooring solution with lightweight natural stone panels Stonesize is easily removable.

Due to this  characteristic it possible to  carry out the modifications that are frequently done on this type of flooring. Everything is possible without sacrificing the aesthetics and quality of natural stone floors.

Go to the professional area to see videos of the assembly and disassembly of technical floors.

The physical-mechanical behavior of Stonesize by TINO® lightweight stone laminate panels for technical floors has excellent  resistance characteristics.

Each panel combines materials such as honeycomb, fiberglass, composite or aluminum that make it a much stronger surface than dimensional stone floors.

Access the professional area to see the videos of the strength tests in which we compared the behavior of dimensional stone to Stonesize.

Raised Floors

It is the best way to place large formats on plots to create raised floors, this technology facilitates installation and ensures unmatched durability and resistance.

In the installation video you can see the simplicity of the placement and its resistance

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