With a long trajectory in the interior design sector, especially in kitchens, Laura González is an expert in the design of all types of furniture. She has worked for firms such as Poggenphol or SieMatic and has published several projects in national magazines. Joyful and dreamy, Laura joined Tino more than a year ago to develop with Stonesize a line of ultra-thin stone furniture. Laura loves challenges and invites professionals to use natural stone to materialize their projects, something they could not always do until now with natural stone.

What is Stonesize?

Stonesize is the ultra-lightweight stone system that will change the concept we had of natural stone.

It allows us to realize projects using natural stone which were impossible to do in the past. Or if not impossible, their execution was much more complicated. Stonesize is a system that allows us to combine large formats, lightweight, and resistance.

Why was it necessary to launch this type of solution combining large format, lightweight, and resistant stone panels to the market?

Nowadays, with the arrival of large-format thin porcelain tiles, the stone was pushed into the background. The market demanded some solutions to lighten the stone and be able to make pieces in large formats.

What are its main applications?

We divide the applications of Stonesize into 5 groups.

  • Interiors: large-format flooring and cladding, taking advantage of the maximum size allowed by Stonesize of 2900x1450mm. Panels for dividing walls, lobbies, and others.
  • Furniture: Stonesize is machinable which allows us to make drawer fronts, folding doors, sliding doors. We can manufacture all kinds of furniture such as washbasin furniture with drawers or doors, kitchens, living room furniture, passage doors.
  • Naval: Stonesize is perfect for nautical use because of being lightweight. It is the ideal way to have natural stone in boats of any type.
  • Facades: in this case, we take advantage of the lightness and ease of machining to make ventilated facades in large formats.
  • Raised flooring: large format pieces, lightweight, thin, and easy to assemble and disassemble make Stonesize the best option for this type of flooring.
Lightweight natural stone panels for interiors
What are the advantages of natural stone walls covered with Stonesize?

First, being able to make large format pieces, the number of joints is significantly reduced. In addition, the continuation of the veins is perfect when unfolded into a book matching.

The material can be  easily installed and is simple to handle. Stonesize weighs almost three times less than usual stone, making the installation and handling much more manageable. You can see videos with installation examples on our website.

What are the advantages of Stonesize furniture?

Until now the existing natural stone furniture fronts were two cm thick. That amount of weight usually affected to the guides or hinges. With Stonesize, we have natural stone fronts which can be seen on five sides but with the advantage of lightness.

The light and large pieces let us make big kitchen islands or any big furniture up to 2900mm with vein continuation, or even 5800 mm if we unfold the table into book-match.

Why has it been so well received in the field of naval interior design?

In nautical, clients are very demanding with the weight of everything that is installed. With Stonesize, the weight is not a problem, and this is something that they have welcomed extremely well in this sector.

Can you give examples of real projects in which Stonesize has been essential when applying natural stone?

Luckily we already have many, and we hope there will be many more.

For example, a kitchen (Vonna Studio) for which we made some fronts in Stonesize and an island with volumes impossible to make in stone 2cm thick.

Cocina pe mármol aligerado Honeycomb - Lightweight marble kitchen Honeycomb

Other examples are the many washbasin furniture we have already installed. Without our system, making this furniture with natural stone would have been impossible. It is hanging on the wall, and all its exposed parts are in stone!

Mueble de baño de mármol ligero honeycomb - Lightweight marble vanity bathroom Honeycomb
What is the reaction of architects and designers when they know the products?

The reaction of everyone who discovers this ultralight stone system is excellent.

I think that architects and designers needed to be able to use stone in places and for applications for which until now it was a forbidden material.

What types of natural stone can this technology be used with?

With almost any natural stone. It is a system that we manufacture directly, and we can work with any material.

We make it, and we manipulate it. So, I always invite architects and interior designers to imagine pieces of stone that they would not be able to work with otherwise. Together, with your ideas and our knowledge, we can do great things.

Lightweight natural stone collection Honeycomb - Colección de piedra natural ligera Honeycomb
Where can we get information about Stonesize?

On our website, you will find all the information you need to know about this product. And of course, I am at the disposal of anyone who needs to know more, has a technical question or wants to do any project with Stonesize.


To know more, please call us o write directly to our contact page or by mail at sales@stonesizepanels.com