Stonesize is an ideal product to use on boats, yachts and cruises, thanks to the infinite advantages it offers. The stone gives a value as it gives warmth and conformability to the interiors.


With lightweight natural stone panels for naval design Stonesize we achieve yields never seen before in natural products in interior design
Its great lightness and the ability to manufacture large formats allow to install all types of coatings on boats in record time and with the minimum amount of resources.
The ideal solution for fast and light architecture, factors that are key in the naval sector







Lightweight natural stone panels for naval design

Stonesize lightweight stone slabs are especially adapted to the requirements of naval design.   Their thickness is minimal, ranging from 5 mm. to 20 mm depending on the needs of each project.

Its weight is approximately three times less than traditional stone slabs, so the viability of many previously impossible designs finally becomes a reality.

The reduced thickness also allows the application of large compositions of back-lit stone in the field of luxury nautical interior design.  The thinness of the sheets can confer translucency to some selected stones.

Lightweight laminated stone panels are especially suitable for shipbuilding cladding and flooring. They combine natural stone with honeycomb, composite, or other high-performance materials and allow creative designs covering sizes  previously unthinkable in the field of luxury nautical interior design.

Stonesize by TINO ® allows natural stone panels with a maximum size of 2900 x 1450 mm combined with an extremely low weight.  In addition, they reduce the number of joints, and the grain continuations in book layouts are seamless.

The low weight of natural stone laminated panels for naval interior design speeds up the installation process. They can be manipulated comfortably and  facilitate the work of the technical team carrying  out the coverings of the ship.

The fast installation system developed by the Stonesize by TINO® technical team also contributes to time savings, which in turn translates into cost savings.

Go to our professional area to see how our technicians handle the boards directly and without any mechanical help.

The Stonesize lightweight natural stone panel solution is easily removable.

Due to this characteristic it is possible to carry tasks of remodeling, renovation, or maintenance of the ship’s interiors without having to  renounce stone cladding. Once the panels  are removed and the walls or floors  were cleaned or renovated, they can be reinstalled.

The physical-mechanical behavior of lightweight stone laminated panels has excellent  resistance characteristics.

The composition of each panel uses materials such as honeycomb, fiberglass, composite, or aluminium — a perfect solution for naval environments, where the combination of lightness and  resistance is necessary.

Access the professional area to see the videos of the endurance tests in which we compared the behavior of dimensional stone to Stonesize

Simple Covering System

One of the installation method recommended by TINO consists on the adhesion of the aluminum Honeycomb Stonesize panels base on cement plasted walls with a fine finishing and leveling. The adhesive to be used in this recommended installation is Polyurethane or the family of Polyurethanes for its adhesion properties in the indicated materials.

Fast Mount Covering System

The innovative Fastmount™ system allows for easy alignment, removal and refit of panels to exactly the same location time after time. Installation & removal tools are supplied for consistent installation and quality performance. Precision – molded Fastmount™ clips all work together to provide secure panel mounting for all conditions.

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