Large format floors in lightweight natural stone are a trend. Architects and interior designers increasingly require greater flexibility to adapt the size of the pieces to the specific needs of each project.

Often, in highly creative projects, it is necessary to harmonize technical and aesthetic criteria to make the floor viable. Until very recently, this always meant that technical criteria prevailed over aesthetic ones. The reason was the 2cm minimum thickness of the conventional stone. As a consequence, the size of the tiles was always reduced.

Giving wings to creativity with natural stone flooring

The large-format floors with Stonesize lightweight natural stone allow total adaptation of the size to the specific requirements of each project thanks to the large dimensions, reduced weight, and very high resistance.

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quartzite, with sheets of other, high-performance, materials. This combination allows us to blend functionality and aesthetics and to provide slabs of dimensions previously unthinkable, of 2900 x 1450 mm, with sensibly reduced weight.

Easy to cut and install

Stonesize ultra-compact panels are ultra-lightweight in addition to showing incredible elasticity and anti-fracture resistance. These three factors significantly increase factory processing consistency, as well as ease of transportation and installation of large formats.

With the 2 cm, or more, dimensional stone, in large format designs, we encountered conflicting moments during laying, which, with Stonesize, can be easily resolved on-site.

Also, with custom-made pieces that are very long due to their position, we are able to avoid fractures thanks to the high level of resistance and flexibility of each panel.

The composition of the ultra-compact Stonesize material makes it even more reliable once it has been installed in its final location, as it mitigates the stresses and movements to which every system is subjected, and which can compromise its durability.

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