The stone cladding technique has undergone a major technological revolution in recent years. The application of Stonesize panels allows the entire transformation of interiors or exteriors, regardless of the age of the building.

Stonesize natural stone cladding combines low-weight, low-thickness, large- size, strength, and ease of installation never seen before. The countless possibilities of installing the panels on different surfaces makes the installation process less expensive and easier to carry out.

100% adapted for renovations and new constructions

Our stone panels can be adapted to any construction, whether it is a new building or a renovation. The architect, facade designer, or interior designer can be creative thanks to the versatility of the weight and size of Stonesize stone panels. Finally, there are no limits to natural stone applications.

How to describe a Stonesize stone cladding?


It is a natural stone skin combined with other lightweight and highly resistant materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, or Honeycomb panels.

The installation is simple, safe, and fast. Stonesize is almost three times lighter than dimensional stone, making it much easier to handle.

Stonesize’s total adaptation to the large format allows us to work with stone coverings of pieces up to 2900mm with a continuation of the grain, being able to cover an area of 5800mm if we book-match the slab.

What types of natural stone can be used for stone cladding?

Many types of natural stones can be used. In our collection of lightweight natural stones, we have about 50 varieties among which we find:

  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Calcite
  • Quartzite
  • Onyx
Lightweight natural stone collection Honeycomb - Colección de piedra natural ligera Honeycomb

Examples of thin stone cladding

We start our journey in lightweight interior architecture.

Bathrooms are a space where a natural stone cladding can make the difference. In the image, we see a prominent wall Macaubas White quartzite, a beautiful ivory white stone with thin and elegant gray streaks.

REvestimiento de Piedra - Arabescato Breccia - Stone cladding

Not only bathing environments benefit from the advantages of a natural stone cladding. In the picture, we see the walls of a shower with a book-match composition made of Arabescato Breccia marble. A natural stone with a magnificent breccia structure in which the whites of the base are mixed with lines of grey tones and taupe.

Revestimiento de Piedra - Azul Macaubas Blue - Stone cladding

Rooms such as the master bedroom of a residence or a luxury suite can have large premium stone coverings on their walls. In the image above, the lush Macaubas Blue quartzite highlights the headboard area of the bed.

Revestimiento de Piedra - Fior di Bosco - Stone cladding

We cannot forget the importance of the outstanding marble and natural stone walls in the living rooms. In this case, the selected stone cladding is made of Stonesize panels by Fior di Bosco. It is a grey marble that combines shades of smoke and lead tones with white and orange veins.

Revestimiento de Piedra - Fachada ventilada - Ventilated facade - Stone cladding

Finally, we have to dedicate a part of this post to the lightweight natural stone facades. Stonesize leads the way for large formats in natural stone in ventilated facades, curtain walls, unitized facades, slats, and precasts.

In the image, the proposed stone cladding is made of travertine skin.

Stonesize is large, light, fast, resistant, removable, and natural. If you would like to know more about Stonesize low thickness stone cladding, please contact us >