At Stonesize, we use the honeycomb panel with a hexagonal core to create ultra-light, strong and large sheets of marble or natural stone.

This solution consists in  manufacturing  a composite panel  made by the following layers:

  1. A thin layer of marble or other stone
  2. A sheet of an ultra-light and resistant reinforcing material such as aluminium or fiberglass.
  3. A layer of hexagonal honeycomb.
  4. Another  sheet of ultra-light and resistant reinforcing material, equal to point 2.

The set forms a composite with a natural stone skin that offers extraordinary mechanical and physical properties for marble or stone coatings.

 The Honeycomb Conjecture

Panal abejas - Honeycomb

Mathematician Thomas C. Hales demonstrated the Honeycomb Conjecture in 1999. It establishes that a regular hexagonal grid, such as that of honeycombs, is the most optimal way to divide a surface into regions of equal area with the minimum total perimeter.

In the case of bees, the minimum amount of wax is used to create the maximum number of cells.  This is how bees optimize their wax and space resources.

Honeycomb applied to marble and natural stone - Honeycomb aplicado a mármol y piedra natural

Why do we apply honeycomb to marble and natural stone?

In the case of interior design or general marble and stone cladding, honeycomb provides the strongest support with the lowest possible weight. Three factors previously irreconcilable in marble and stone cladding are related in the most optimized way possible:

Low weight + High Resistance = Large Format

Honeycomb applied to marble, and natural stone thus guarantees great functionality.  It gives wings to the creativity of interior designers, furniture designers, facadists, naval interior designers, and architects.

Stonesize products with honeycomb

Stonesize honeycomb products - Productos Stonesize honeycomb

Stonesize products with honeycomb consist of a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by an aluminium or polymer honeycomb core (the latter in the case of backlit projects).

Most of them allow a maximum format of 2900 X 1450 mm, and according to the needs of each work, its thickness can oscillate between 18 kg./m2 and 22.5 kg m2.

Access our ultralight stone products page to know more.

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