The differences between lightweight marble vs. conventional marble are critical when choosing one or the other for a project.

The latest advances in natural stone treatment make it possible to install lightweight marble in places vetoed for conventional marble, such as ceilings, floating furniture, or walls in giant format, both in interiors and exterior facades.

The weight of lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

Paneles de piedra natural para fachadas ventiladas - Natural stone panels for ventilated façades
Comportamiento mecánico de los paneles sandwich de piedra natural - Mechanical behaviour of natural stone sandwIch panels

With Stonesize lightweight marble panels, we can reduce the weight of conventional marble slabs almost three times. Stonesize marble panels only weigh 20kg/m2, which is even less than porcelain tiles intended for large format.

Thickness in lightweight marble vs. conventional marble


The thickness is considerably reduced from 2 cm for conventional marble to a minimum thickness of 5 mm, depending on the application and design requirements.

The Stonesize panel comprises different layers of ultra-light and ultra-resistant materials topped by a final skin of 100% natural marble.

Strength of lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

Stonesize marble panels are composed of:

  1. A thin layer of marble
  2. A sheet of an ultra-light and solid reinforcement material such as aluminum or fiberglass.
  3. A layer of hexagonal honeycomb made of aluminum, polymer, or an ultra-compact sheet depending on each application or requirement.
  4. Another layer of the same type of foil as in point 2.

As we can see in the video, the assembly forms a composite with a marble skin that offers extraordinary physical-mechanical properties concerning weight, size, and strength.

These are the different types of Stonesize panels we offer:

Stonesize honeycomb products - Productos Stonesize honeycomb

Size in lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

Most of the Stonesize products allow a maximum size of 2900 X 1450 mm.

Paneles de mármol blanco para gran formato

These large dimensions open the door to marble cladding in which the continuation of the grain along the wall, without any interruption, is the absolute protagonist.

We can create aesthetically highly valued book-match layouts with 100&% natural marble, onyx or quartzite surfaces.

¿Cómo evitar roturas instalando mármol de gran formato? - How to avoid breakages when installing large format marble?
Extendido en seco mármol ligero - lightweight marble dry laying

We can also pave floors with large panels and transport and install them, drastically reducing breakage risk.

Solid and enveloping effect thanks to the edge and corner treatment

Piezas para mueble estructural muy ligero. Doble estructura Honeycomb. Alta resistencia.
Muebles de mármol ligero - Lightweight marble furniture

The edges and joints of Stonesize marble and natural stone panels offer clean and refined finishes and achieve a continuation of the grain with a millimetric fit, resulting in a solid and enveloping effect.

The whims of nature on a grand scale in your project

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Paredes - Walls - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble
Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Paredes - Walls - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

Everything we have just seen converts any project that opts for the use of Stonesize lightweight marble in unique.

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Retroilumionados - Backlits - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble
Piedra translucida lámparas - Translucent stone lamps

The minimum number of joints, the high resistance, the possibility of backlighting, the chance of machining for the production of furniture or lamps, or the lightness that allows large claddings even in the naval sector are just a sample of what can be achieved with Stonesize lightweight marble.

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