It is no surprise that technical specialists mostly fear breakage when installing large format marble.   When an architect or interior designer creates a design with large-format dimensional stone slabs, he projects a set of pieces that must coordinate to the millimeter.

Visually, the coordination depends on two fundamental factors:

  • The measurements in which each table has to fit.
  • Avoiding the interruption of the vein’s continuation (if one piece is missing, the whole set is altered).

In this type of design, it may happen that we have to combine several units or even dozens of large panels.

What happens if one of the slabs breaks?

Extendido en seco en mármol de gran formato - Large format marble dry laying

If one of the slabs breaks, once the set of slabs has been purchased, processed, and transported to the installation site, the entire assembly can no longer be installed because the grain pattern is interrupted.

In this situation, there are only two options:

  • Not to install the book-match natural stone composition. That means to give up one of the aesthetically outstanding parts of the project.
  • Order a new set of slabs with all the boards needed for the composition and hope that another breakage will not occur.

Faced with this unwelcoming situation, most architects or interior designers avoid projects with large-format marble split into a book-match with continuation of the grain. What would happen if a new system dramatically reduced the chances of breakage when installing large format marble?

How can we avoid breakage when installing large format marble?

Stonesize honeycomb products - Productos Stonesize honeycomb

Stonesize ultra-lightweight natural stone panels consist of a thin layer of natural stone, reinforced by ultra-lightweight composite compact materials, such as Honeycomb panels, among others. Stonesize offers large format sizes up to 2900mm x 1450mm per panel while reducing the dimensional stone’s weight by more than 80%. It also increases its strength to such an extent that the risk of breakage is virtually reduced to zero.

“The main point is that you know it’s not going to break. When working with large formats, not all materials are reliable. Many carry a risk of breakage. A risk that with Stonesize disappears.”

Javier Cruz made this resounding statement, Technical Manager at Stonesize, in an interview about how Stonesize makes installers’ work easier. You can read the full interview here >

¿Cómo evitar roturas instalando mármol de gran formato? - How to avoid breakages when installing large format marble?

Stonesize is a highly technical material in which a honeycomb core or other materials such as fiberglass or the ultra-compact Stonesize material generate panels with spectacular mechanical resistance.

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