Until recently, covering natural stone ceilings in interiors was unthinkable due to the weight and technical difficulty.

However, nowadays, the significant technological advances in the treatment of the stone, which have arisen in the R&D department of Stonsize, make it possible to carry out this type of stone elements.

Unique not only because of its location but also because of its large size

Techos de piedra natural - Interiors - Interiors - Natural stone ceilings

When we at Stonesize talk about natural stone ceilings, we are not referring to the typical small format that could well be a mosaic or look like one. As we see in the image above, the uniqueness of this system lies in the large format.

In the past, when only dimensional stone existed, it was unthinkable to cover a ceiling with large slabs of marble at a thickness of 2 cm.

Techos de piedra natural - Interiors - Interiors - Natural stone ceilings

However, Stonesize offers sizes up to 2900mm x 1450mm per panel while reducing the weight of dimension stone by more than 80%. Also, each panel’s strength is greatly enhanced by the compact and ultra-strong materials that comprise it.

An elaborate ceiling in natural Pacific Gray marble

“We are obsessed with playing with materials, turning them upside down and doing something different from the usual with them; and making a stone ceiling fit in with this game because it means giving the stone weightlessness.” Pedro Ayora and Ana Salinero, founders of INHABIT.

This magnificent ceiling designed by the founders of INHABIT and installed in their studio is an excellent example of what can be achieved in terms of large format ceilings in interiors with Stonesize. To learn more, you can read the interview we did with them by clicking here.

As for the material, Pacific Grey is a marble with a base in very light gray tones with thin white veins. Its composition in brocatels can alternate veins and small portions of different shades ranging from light gray to white.

About Stonesize

Stonesize ultra-lightweight natural stone panels consist of a skinny layer of natural stone reinforced by ultra-lightweight compact materials such as honeycomb panels or fiberglass.

Paneles de mármol blanco para gran formato

They reduce the weight of dimensional stone by more than 80%, making them ideal for many applications, such as marine industry, residential design, and large projects.

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