Installing suspended natural stone furniture safely, quickly, and easily is possible. The only prerequisite is that the stone panels are light and resistant.

Stonesize furniture is made of laminated panels that combine fine natural stone skin with high-performance materials such as honeycomb or fiberglass.

Advantages of Stonesize Light Stone Furniture

Mueble suspendido de piedra natural
  • We can create natural stone fronts which can be seen from five sides without the disadvantage of being overweight.
  • Stonesize panels allow custom-made confections with sizes up to 2900 mm with the continuation of the vein or up to 5800 mm, unfolding the table to book match.
  • Each design is unique. It is possible to create the furniture based on an original design created of a designer or selecting one of the furniture of our collection. However, each piece of furniture will be unique and unrepeatable because it is made of natural stone.

Advantages when installing Stonesize floating natural stone furniture

Instalación de una mueble suspendido de piedra natural
  • Lightness and resistance are crucial when it comes to handling each piece of furniture easily and quickly. In the following video, we can see how easy it is to assemble Stonesize furniture.
  • The quick fastening system used by Stonesize saves time and money during installation.
  • Its low weight facilitates manipulation, avoiding damages.
  • Disassembly is another crucial point. The easy disassembly of Stonesize furniture guarantees a safe and agile movement. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to reform the room without affecting the furniture. It also allows the correct maintenance or cleaning of the room and the furniture itself.

Packing, shipping, and installation

At Stonesize, every step is important, from beginning to end. Therefore, we pay special attention to the following details:

  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Installation
Transporter de un mueble de piedra natural - Natural stone marble furniture transport

It is usually possible to select the option of installation by a Stonesize specialist or to opt for self-service installation by an operator at the destination. Each part is delivered with a simple instruction sheet.

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