Large format backlit onyx is a trend. The extraordinary crystalline quality of onyx surfaces provides the prominent elements of the building the ability to illuminate.

The technological challenge of large format

Onix gran formato - Large format onyx

Looking back, the backlit stone has been around for decades. Until recently, however, it was usually found in small lighting elements integrated into furniture.

The reason is that most projects involving large-format backlit onyx were an impossible challenge. Let’s have a look at why:

  • Traditional dimensional stone is 2 cm thick. Therefore, it reduced the translucent potential of the stone due to the thickness.
  • Handling large slabs of onyx involved risks during transportation and installation. The weight and thickness of the dimensional stone led to breakages destroying often singular (and costly) unfolded works where the veins’ fitting had to be clean and precise.

These are the main reasons why architects and designers shied away from undertaking projects that integrated large-format backlit onyx.

Large onyx lighting elements with Stonesize panels

Ónix retroiluminado de gran formato - Large format backlit onyx

Stonesize now offers a unique solution for creating large-format backlit onyx elements without the penalty of thickness.

Stonesize SSPO is composed of a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by a core of HoneyComb Polymer providing the final assembly extreme lightness and transparency to light allowing backlighting of crystalline background stones such as onyx.

Ónix retroiluminado de gran formato - Cullinan - Large format backlit onyx

The total thickness of the natural stone composite plus the polymer honeycomb reinforcement is 16 mm.

Thanks to the physical characteristics of Stonesize®, we can work with panel sizes of 2900mm x 1150mm.

The weight per panel is around 19 kg/m2.

Large format backlit onyx:  now you can dream big

With the characteristics we just described, a universe of possibilities opens up in which backlit onyx is no longer relegated to small or medium dimensions.

Ónix retroiluminado de gran formato - Cullinan - Large format backlit onyx

In this large shower space, onyx panels create a magical, light-filled atmosphere. If you want to know more about this project click here >

Villa Cullinan

The designer of this room, which is chaired by two backlit onyx panels, used the wall to create a double aesthetic impact: during daylight by highlighting the natural beauty of onyx and during the night by taking advantage of its translucent qualities to illuminate the room.

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