Every year, at Stonesize, we start Christmas with a summary of our contents and review what has been published in this large format marble blog during the year. In addition, and most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers, customers and collaborators.

During 2022, Stonesize specialists have offered nine exciting articles. Let’s get started!

Interview with Antonio Benjumea, CEO at BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS

Antonio Benjumea

We couldn’t have started the year in a better way. In January, we interviewed Antonio Benjumea. Antonio is the head of BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS, a reference studio based in Sotogrande composed of architects, technical architects and engineers. They are dedicated to all kind of projects, although they specialise in luxury villa projects.

Stonesize marble table designed by Pedro Peña

Mesa modular Pedro Peña

In mid-January, we changed track and looked at an imposing outdoor table designed by Pedro Peña. The piece presents an unusual lightness for its large size and a giant format top made of a premium natural material such as marble.

White marble shower with niche

Ducha de mármol blanco con hornacina

We started February 2022, describing the exceptional white marble shower with niche framed within our large format projects. To highlight its differentiation in quality and beauty compared to porcelain solutions, the article made the case how the veins were sculpted into the stone by nature itself as opposed to artificially printed onto porcelain tiles.

Wardrobe with bespoke grey marble doors

Armario de mármol Gris Pacífico - Custom Gray Marble door closet

We closed the month of February by looking at how we can create bespoke cabinets with grey marble doors for a walk-in area.

Backlit natural stone in the stairwell

Piedra natural retroiluminada en el hueco de la escalera - Backlit natural stone in the stairwell

Next, we saw a project that aesthetically and functionally solved the darkness of the main stairwell of the property in an elegant way.

The backlit natural stone in the stairwell proved to be a practical and beautiful resource capable of adding exclusivity to the surrounding space.

Marble flooring for the garden and pool area

Suelos de mármol para el jardín y la piscina - Marble floors for the garden and swimming pool

With the spring and summer season approaching, we were thrilled to write about gardens and swimming pools with a common denominator: marble.

Marble in exteriors can be an excellent choice for many reasons. The fact that it is a natural material and can incorporate anti-slip finishes are just some examples we analyse in this post.

Bathrooms with large format walls

Baños con paredes de mármol de gran formato

Bathrooms with large format walls are a trend, and we had to discuss it. The main reasons for the success of the large format walls are  its elegance and versatility. Marble is a famous natural stone in interior decoration, as it is resistant, durable and easy to maintain. In addition, large-format marble confers a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Calacatta marble on large format walls

Linked to the classical tradition, the Calacatta White marble has been able to reinvent itself over the centuries to remain timeless. The bookmatch compositions for large format marble have meant a return to the modernity of a luxury classic such as Calacatta.

Bedroom with marble floor

Dormitorio con suelo de mármol

Finally, our team of specialists broke the mould by opting for a contemporary-style bedroom with a marble floor. Contrary to some preconceptions, a bedroom with marble flooring can be modern, warm and cosy.

That’s it for 2022! But don’t worry; we are already working on next year’s content for our large-format marble blog. And we have some great surprises to share with you! Happy 2023!