Contrary to some preconceptions, a bedroom with marble floor can be modern, warm and cozy.

In terms of decoration, marble floors bring exclusivity and personality to the space. Here are some attractive ideas for decorating a bedroom with marble floors to create a unique and personal atmosphere.

How to make the most of a bedroom with marble floors?

Dormitorio con suelo de mármol

Brightness – Take advantage of the luminosity of white or cream marble to highlight key pieces of your bedroom, such as the bed or some of your favourite furniture elements.

Authenticity – Play with the textures and colours of marble to create a unique atmosphere. In the images, we see how the veins running gracefully over the white base providing a genuine look based on a 100% natural material.

Warmth – Creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. The cream and grey tones of the marble-floored bedroom in the pictures soften the atmosphere. In addition, the light under the step that separates the two rooms acts as a lighting and decorative element at the same time.

Use of Stonesize technology to achieve light and resistant large-format floors

Dormitorio con suelo de mármol

The material used for this bedroom with marble floor is Athena White, a snowy and luminous stone adorned with an infinite number of cheerful veins in soft ochre and grey. The subtlety of its nebula-like patterns leads to a beautifully light and clean appearance.

In addition, Stonesize technology was used for the application of large-format pieces, which also gives the stone strength and lightness.

A bedroom with marble flooring can be the perfect choice for a combination of warmth, elegance and modernity. Marble is a natural material that brings a sense of exclusivity and personality to the space and can be the perfect base for a modern and cozy bedroom. Contact us to find out more >