Natural stone in the stairwell is an elegant and functional resource to highlight spaces of great exclusivity.

In the image, we see a large stairwell which was originally dark due to the very nature of the space.

The designer has several options to illuminate the space such as including lamps and wall sconces, or, go a step further and turn the cavity into a unique element from the interior design point of view.

Bookmatch layout in the stairwell

The clad wall is of large format, and we decided to cover it with two large panels of translucent natural stone split to book match. It has allowed us to obtain the maximum aesthetic performance from the piece and highlights the patterns that nature has sculpted in the stone through centuries of sedimentation.

Piedra natural retroiluminada en el hueco de la escalera - Backlit natural stone in the stairwell

With this type of book match arrangement, we reduce the joints to a minimum and give free rein to the continuation of the grain.

Translucent marble Blanco Iceberg

The stone selected for this project is Blanco Iceberg, a white dolomitic marble that shows a polar white and translucent background with light crystalline veins and yellow touches.

Piedra natural retroiluminada en el hueco de la escalera - Backlit natural stone in the stairwell

It is a material capable of turning any conventional place into a neat, clean and tidy room that also becomes magical in its backlit version. The space is enhanced by the appearance of this natural stone due to its aesthetic purity.

Stonesize: backlit natural stone in the stairwell

Today, Stonesize offers a unique solution for creating large-format backlit marble elements without the penalty of thickness.

Stonesize SSPO is composed of a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by a core of HoneyComb Polymer that gives the final assembly extreme lightness and light transparency allowing backlighting of stones with a crystalline background such as Iceberg White marble.

The total thickness of the natural stone composite plus the polymer honeycomb reinforcement is 16 mm.

Thanks to the physical characteristics of Stonesize®, we can have panel sizes of 2900mm x 1150mm. The weight per panel is around 19 kg/m2, and the result is an impressive, functional, lightweight, large and resistant material.

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