Calacatta marble on large format walls elegantly and uniquely dresses rooms that seek differentiation.

Although linked to the classical tradition, the Calacatta White marble has been able to reinvent itself over the centuries to remain eternally valid. The book matches compositions in large marble format suppose a return to the modernity of a luxury classic such as Calacatta.

Calacatta book match or unfolded

The book match technique allows us to obtain a large size cladding without interrupting the grain pattern. The procedure consists of selecting two consecutive sister boards from the same block and contrasting them as if they were a mirror so that their grain patterns fit together in the central joint of the boards. In the case of Stonesize, two panels of ultra-light natural stone are split. In the example photographs, we see Stonesize panels in Calacatta marble.

The delicate work in this type of project is of vital importance because a single millimetric error can ruin the book-folded composition and can ruin the pattern, and the perfect continuation of the grain.

As we can see in the examples, the final result must show a harmonious and enveloping composition in which the veins of both mirrored panels fit together perfectly.

Technology: large sizes and low weights

Large marble formats are possible thanks to the Stonesize technology of ultra-light natural stone panels. This innovative technology allows us to achieve dimensions never before seen in large format panels reducing the weight to a third of the usual weight and achieving a much greater resistance than a 2 cm thick slab of dimensional stone.

This combination of advantages gives designers unparalleled freedom in creating unique spaces and avoids transport problems, slowness and breakages for installers and therefore saves costs.

100% natural essence

Lightweight Calacatta bathroom - Baño de mármol Calacatta aligerado

Although there are currently porcelain tile solutions for large formats, natural stone always comes out on top in the comparison.

Each piece of stone is unique and shows a singularity and expressiveness chiseled by nature, not man’s hand. The pattern of its veins or breccias can’t be repeated serially because it has not been printed in a factory: it has arisen naturally. Therefore, those looking for differentiation can only opt for natural marbles, onyx, quartzite or calcite.

In this post, we demonstrate Calacatta Gold and Calacatta marble on large format walls. These are two sister varieties of marble with highly distinguished aesthetics, and both are famous worldwide. They are often used in premium claddings such as jewelled walls, large format book-match compositions and other unique space claddings that seek to stand out from the rest.

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