This spectacular Stonesize marble table designed by Pedro Peña is extraordinary from every point of view. It is unusually lightweight considering its large size and the giant format top made out of a premium natural material such as marble. In addition, the designer has made it modular in order to make the table even more versatile and manageable. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Unusual lightness in large formats

Before the arrival of Stonesize, it was challenging to create a top with these characteristics due to its weight. The piece consists of three symmetrical 130×170 modules, reaching a total length of 390 cm, monumental dimensions that are difficult to handle in dimensional stone (2 cm thick).

Fortunately, with Stonesize lightweight marble panels, we can reduce the weight of conventional marble slabs by almost three times while increasing their strength. Stonesize marble panels can reach 20kg/m2, even lighter than porcelain tiles intended for large format.

Marble: the natural premium material par excellence

The material used for the modular top of this strikingly beautiful table is a marble called Pacific Grey with Stonesize technology applied. Stonesize’s lightweight large-format Pacific Grey marble combines a 100% natural Pacific Grey laminate panel with honeycomb and other lightweight, highly resistant materials.

It is a natural stone with light grey tones and subtle white veins. Its composition in the form of brocatels can alternate, in addition to veins, small portions of different shades ranging from light grey to white.

Modular layout

Finally, the modular arrangement of the table provides practicality, versatility and easy handling, a display of impeccable design of the reference designer in Marbella Pedro Peña.

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