The exceptional white marble shower with a niche that we are going to describe today is part of the large format projects.

Marble is a highly appreciated material as it is beautiful, natural and, unlike porcelain solutions, offers unique and unrepeatable results. Porcelain tiles are produced artificially, and the stone patterns are sculpted by nature itself.

Ducha de mármol blanco con hornacina

Until recently, however, the heavy weight of 2 cm thick marble slabs forced the designer to design cladding with small marble pieces. If a large-format cladding was required, it was necessary to opt for mass-produced porcelain pieces that imitate marble through printing.

Fortunately, this situation has changed today. As we can see in the images of our Blanco Nebula marble shower with niche, it is possible to apply natural marble of large dimensions without the inconvenience of weight.

What is Stonesize?

Ducha de mármol blanco con hornacina

Stonesize ultra-lightweight natural stone panels are composed of a thin layer of natural stone and a reinforcement of ultra-lightweight compact composite materials, such as Honeycomb panels.

The combination reduces the weight of dimensional stone by more than 80%, making it an ideal solution for many applications where the stone was previously too heavy, such as large-format cladding.

What is Nebula White marble?

Ducha de mármol blanco con hornacina

The stone selected for this job is Stonesize’s large-format Nebula White marble, which combines a 100% natural laminate panel of Blanco Nebula with honeycomb, fibreglass and other lightweight and highly resistant materials.

Blanco Nebula is a snowy, luminous marble adorned with many graceful violet-grey veins. In the form of a nebula, the subtlety of its patterns provides a beautiful appearance of lightness and cleanliness.

Blanco Nebula can dress large spaces in white, bringing brightness and visual purity with an appearance halfway between a cloud and soft cotton.

Marble shower niche

Ducha de mármol blanco con hornacina

For the storage of soaps and other shower utensils, the designer has added a niche that avoids having to install shelves made of different materials which can corrode with constant contact with water.

In addition to being a practical element, it also provides an aesthetic component that breaks the verticality of the wall while offering the possibility of introducing lighting into the space.

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