The closet with custom grey marble doors we are going to discuss today conveys the elegance and beauty of natural stone while being lightweight and easy to install.

Lightweight marble doors?

Although it may seem impossible, with Stonesize technology, we can obtain large pieces of lightweight marble and machine them to form part of furniture such as closets.

Armario con puerta de mármol gris a medida - Custom Gray Marble door closet

As a result, we can create this type of closet with grey, custom-made marble doors.  The pieces are placed in a passage area capable of dressing it and providing an excellent and unexpected storage area.

Pacific Grey lightweight marble for large formats

Stonesize’s Pacific Grey light marble for large formats combines a 100% natural skin of Pacific Grey with other light and highly resistant materials, composing a high-performance panel for interior design works.

It is a natural stone with light grey tones and subtle white veins. Its composition in the form of brocatels can alternate, in addition to veins, small portions of different shades ranging from light grey to white.

This grey marble’s clean and luminous aspect suggests serenity and comfort in equal parts. It is, therefore, an ideal alternative to traditional white marble.

Stonesize Technology

Stonesize is the ultra-lightweight stone system that has revolutionized the traditional concept of natural stone work. It combines a laminated 100% natural stone panel with honeycomb, fibreglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials. The result allows for applications of natural stone which were unthinkable or too complex until now.

In addition to allowing us to combine large format, lightness and strength, it is fully machinable, which makes it possible to create any piece of furniture.

Custom grey marble door closet

Armario con puerta de mármol gris a medida - Custom Gray Marble door closet

The combination of everything described so far results in this pair of unique and unrepeatable closets, which are impossible to imitate or mass-produce because their lines and drawings have been created by nature and not printed by machines.

For this reason, they are elements of custom-made, large format stone furniture and very much to be considered in those projects in which differentiation is sought, such as the one we see in the image, designed by the renowned designer Lucia Bacharova.

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