Marble bathrooms with large format walls are a booming trend due to their elegance and versatility. Marble is a trendy natural stone for interior decoration, as it is resistant, durable and straightforward to maintain. In addition, large format marble will give your bathroom a more luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic.

Whether through ranges of exotic tones or with a more neutral character, one thing is clear, large format marble in bathrooms is here to stay.

Natural stone cladding with small pieces is a tradition of the past. The excess of joints, the interruption of the grain pattern and the visual overload are just some reasons we tend to apply less fragmented cladding with larger pieces. With this, we obtain beautiful, diaphanous and very bright spaces.

Large format thanks to ultra-light Stonesize marble panels

Paneles de mármol blanco para gran formato - Large format white marble panels

Today, the cutting-edge Stonesize technology allows the application of ultralight natural stone on walls like never seen before. Until recently, whether we liked it or not, we had no other solution than to apply small tiles because the marble had to be 2 cm thick. However, with the Stonesize solution of ultra-light natural stone, we reduce its thickness to a thin layer attached to an ultra-resistant panel and reduce the weight per square meter by more than 80%.

Examples of bathrooms with large-format marble walls

Here are some examples of bathroom projects with large-format marble walls carried out by the Stonesize team.

Ultralighweight pink onyx - Ónix Rosa ultraligero

This bathroom has been realized in Pink Onyx, a crystalline and luminous stone. The main shower cladding displays two Stonesize panels in Pink Onyx, which veins naturally draw a heart.

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Retroilumionados - Backlits - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

In the following example, we see onyx again on the main wall of the shower. In this case, we have taken advantage of the translucent properties of onyx to create a unique lighting element by backlighting the panel.

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Paredes - Walls - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

In this other bathroom with large-format marble walls, our designers have wrapped the space with a Calacatta Gold marble skin, taking advantage of the spectacular continuation of the grain offered by large formats in natural stone.

Iceberg White shower - Villa VIII- Ducha de mármol Blanco Iceberg

This shower again opts for a crystalline stone, which is Iceberg White marble. As we can see, the stone is a single piece of incredible beauty without the presence of joints.

Lightweight Calacatta bathroom - Baño de mármol Calacatta aligerado

Last but not least, we have this other bathroom clad with large format Calacatta Gold marble. An excellent example of book match composition.

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