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With the lightweight natural stone furniture Stonesize we achieve yields never seen before in natural products in furniture design. Its great lightness and the ability to manufacture large formats allow to install all kinds of furniture and mechanized accessories such as drawers, doors and cabinets in record time and with the minimum amount of resources. The ideal solution for fast and light architecture.







Lightweight natural stone furniture

Stonesize  lightweight stone slabs are especially adapted to the requirements of naval design.   Their thickness is minimal, ranging from 5 mm. to 20 mm depending on the needs of each project.

Its weight is approximately three times less than traditional stone slabs, so the viability of many previously impossible designs finally becomes a reality.

The reduced thickness also allows the application of large compositions of back-lit stone in the field of luxury nautical interior design.  The thinness of the sheets can confer translucency to some selected stones.

The low weight of Stonesize natural stone furniture dramatically facilitates handling and installation.

Installation costs are reduced thanks to the new installation system developed by the Stonesize technical team which considerably reduces the time of installation.

Go to our professional area to see how our technicians handle lightened marble and natural stone furniture manually, and without any mechanical help.

Stonesize has  developed a system that makes each piece of furniture easy to dismantle for  maintenance or to remodel the building.

This feature allows the furniture to be kept in perfect conditions regardless if  the surrounding wall or floor tiles are replaced.

Each lightweight natural stone piece of furniture is developed with laminated panels with excellent physical-mechanical and  resistance characteristics.

Materials such as honeycomb, fiberglass, composite, or aluminium guarantee strength and lightness at the same time without compromising the creativity of each design.

Access the professional area to see the videos of the  resistance tests in which we compared the behavior of the dimensional stone to Stonesize


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