Stone with Honeycomb for interiors is a revolution in the field of interior design and architecture.

What previously was difficult or even unthinkable to do with 2 cm thick dimensional stone is now possible with ultra-lightweight Stonesize stone panels.

Large format

Paneles de mármol blanco para gran formato

With a maximum size of 2900 X 1450 mm, Stonesize interior honeycomb stone panels weigh almost three times less than dimensional stone (2 cm thick). They offer the possibility to select a minimum thickness of 5 mm. up to 20 mm, depending on each application and design requirements.

Continuation of grain

Book match of lightweight marble for large format- Bianco Lasa Bathroom

Bookmatch compositions can reach 5800 mm, exceeding the limits of what is imaginable in natural stone interior coverings.

The number of joints is reduced to a minimum, allowing for millimeter-perfect fit between joins.

Large size backlights

There is also the option of obtaining stone panels with polymer Honeycomb to achieve light effects combined with translucent stones such as Onyx.

Stonesize stone products with Honeycomb for interiors

STONESIZE® SSHA Aluminum Honeycomb

It is a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by an aluminum Honeycomb core that gives the final assembly extreme lightness and excellent resistance to compression and flexion. Go to SSHA >

STONESIZE SSPO Honeycomb Translucent

A thin layer of natural stone reinforced by a core of polymer Honeycomb provides the final set extreme lightness, transparency to light allowing backlighting. Go to SSPO >