We achieve lightweight marble pieces with a wrap-around effect by combining different sections of Stonesize panels.

Furniture pieces and other interior architectural elements made with Stonesize natural stone panels have a solid aesthetic but weigh almost 80% less.

Sum of the parts = sculptural whole

No one would guess that this marble vanity is made of different panels of lightweight marble assembled because it looks like a carving job.

The disadvantage of traditional carved pieces or block-shaped furniture made from 2 cm thick slabs has always been the weight, which led to difficulties in transportation and installation.

For example, a piece carved or made with 2 cm thick marble slabs can never function as a floating piece of furniture without being highly penalized by its weight.

Afortunadamente, las innovaciones tecnológicas en materia de mármol y piedra natural llevadas a cabo por Stonesize permiten hoy reducir el peso de los paneles de piedra en casi un 80%, permitiendo crear piezas de mármol sin el inconveniente del sobrepeso.

La técnica Book-match

The book-match technique consists in unfolding a marble slab into a book to take advantage of the aesthetic contrast of its veins.

Depending on the size of the piece, the Stonesize team of technicians will or will not use the book-match technique to achieve the wrapping effect. However, the continuation of the book-match along all visible faces of the furniture will remain unchanged.

Furniture viewed on five sides (or more)

As we have just mentioned, the delicate artistry of our marble craftsmen produces pieces with grain continuation along with the four or five visible faces of the furniture.

Even on large pieces of furniture, the effect is that of a carved sculptural whole and not the sum of several assembled panels.

Lightweight marble with Stonsize wrap-around effect

This type of high-precision work of great aesthetic value would not be possible without Stonesize ultra-lightweight stone panels. And it would be impossible to provide such ease of transport or the ease of handling and installation.

Stonesize is the ultra-lightweight stone system that has revolutionized the traditional concept of natural stonework and combines a laminated panel of 100% natural stone with honeycomb, fiberglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials. The result allows us to do with natural stone what was previously unthinkable or too complex.

With Stonesize, we drastically reduce the weight of marble pieces with a wrap-around effect and increase their strength – two indispensable qualities for installation in any building, including attics.

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