A composition of lightweight marble book-match for large format leaves no one indifferent. The cladding with large sheets of marble unfolded into a book-match provides each space with a magnetism that is very difficult to achieve.

Nature uses sediments, strata, and veins to create magical, unique, and unrepeatable patterns of the stone. Therefore, there are differences between each variety of marble; each block and even each marble panel is unique. Having a piece of marble or marble cladding at home means owning a remarkable asset. It is the reason why book-match compositions are so valuable.

How do you get a perfect book match of lightweight marble for large format?

With smooth communication with the interior architect throughout the project and a lot of precision.

When the architect or interior designer asks Stonesize for advice on a book-match composition, our technical specialists look for the best options and analyze the technical and aesthetic requirements.

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Paredes - Walls - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

The interior architect then selects the piece that best suits their needs. If necessary, the Stonesize design team performs graphic simulations to show the final effect of the stone once installed.

The technical team then fabricates the various Stonesize ultralightweight marble panels that will form the book-match by applying the surface finish required by the client.

At this point, the fine work is of vital importance because a single millimetric error can ruin the composition unfolded into a book.

The final result is shown as a harmonious whole in which the veins of both mirrored plates fit perfectly.

How do we achieve the lightness of large-format Stonesize marble?

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Retroilumionados - Backlits - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

Until now, the significant disadvantage for the installation of a marble book-match was the excessive weight of each slab. Its large size and weight made it impossible or very difficult to move and apply.

Fortunately, Stonesize, the ultra-lightweight stone system that has revolutionized the traditional concept of natural stonework, combines a laminated panel of 100% natural stone with honeycomb, fiberglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials. The result allows us to do with natural stone what was previously unthinkable or too complex.

Frentes de cocina d epiedra natural - Natural stone kitchen fronts
Acabado apomazado muestra - Stonesize Honeycomb - Honed finish

With Stonesize, we drastically reduce the weight of the book-match panels and increase their strength, two indispensable qualities for installation in any building, including attics.

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