The traditional place for natural stone in the kitchen has always been the worktop, but why not consider using it in other areas as well? Until recently, no one thought of making the fronts of the furniture in marble because of the weight.

Thanks to the advances in ultra-light natural stone made by Stonesize, we can now obtain furniture such as the black marble kitchen cabinets which we will illustrate below.

Weight is no longer a problem due to the increased strength and manageability of the panels, opening a world of possibilities for interior designers looking for differentiation. Today we are going to discuss a kitchen, however, our solution can be applied to wardrobes and other pieces of furniture.

 The heavy becomes light, practical, and resistant

Armarios de mámrol negro - Black marble cabinets

The thickness of the dimensional stone is at least 2 cm, which does not allow it to be part of a mechanized piece of furniture such as a door or drawer.

Now, with Stonesize, we achieve a weight almost three times less than conventional stone while reducing its thickness and increasing the strength of each panel.

Continuation of grain with almost no size limit

Armarios de mámrol negro - Black marble cabinets

As we can see in the images of this kitchen with black marble cabinets, we can create natural stone fronts with a continuation of the grain. It is an inimitable natural wraparound effect with porcelain materials, which produces a unique and incomparable design born of nature’s creations.

It means making the most of the aesthetic benefits of large marble formats without the disadvantage of excess weight.

Kitchen cabinets in black marble to dream big

Armarios de mámrol negro - Black marble cabinets

Size is no longer a limiting factor but the kitchen’s greatest asset. At Stonesize, we can offer sizes of up to 2900 mm with a continuation of the grain, and if we split the slab into a book, we can cover surfaces of up to 5800 mm.

Natural stone is also on the edges

Armarios de mámrol negro - Black marble cabinets

These marble cabinets’ edge and corner finishes go far beyond the mere stone veneer bonded to a structural panel. Stonesize covers all the edges of the front so that when each door or drawer is opened, the stone aesthetic is 100% enveloping, thus avoiding exposing the material inside the panel.

All types of furniture elements

Thanks to the combination of lightness and resistance, Stonesize allows the creation with marble and natural stone of doors, sliding doors, floating furniture drawers, showcases, backlit or other formats that were previously unthinkable with dimensional stone.

What is Stonesize?

Lightweight natural stone panels - Paneles de piedra ultra ligera

Stonesize is the ultra-lightweight stone system that has revolutionized the traditional concept of natural stonework. It combines a laminated panel of 100% natural stone with honeycomb, fiberglass, or other light and highly resistant materials. The result allows us to create with natural stone furniture elements which were previously unthinkable or too complicated.

Besides being able to combine large format, lightness, and resistance, it is mechanizable, allowing us to create any piece of furniture.

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