Backlit onyx columns are a trend. The unique crystalline characteristic of onyx provides columns made of this semi-precious natural material the ability to convey light and illuminate the surrounding space.

 Three times unique

Those who integrate columns of backlit onyx into their projects benefit threefold:

1) You are cladding a piece of your project with a natural material which is considered a gem, which implies distinction.

2) You are using a material with a unique, naturally sculpted pattern: it is not mass-produced or printed.

3) You turn a structural or a support element into a lighting resource of excellent aesthetic and functional quality.

Large onyx lighting elements with Stonesize panels

Columnas de ónix retroiluminado - Backlit onyx columns

Stonesize’s solution for creating backlit stone columns consists of technology that reduces the weight of the stone by 80%.  It offers the possibility of working in large formats while avoiding the penalties of weight and thickness.

Stonesize SSPO is composed of a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by a core of HoneyComb Polymer which provides the final assembly extreme lightness and light transparency allowing backlighting of gems with a crystalline background such as onyx.

Columnas de ónix retroiluminado - Backlit onyx columns

The total thickness of the natural stone composite plus the polymer honeycomb reinforcement is 16 mm.

Thanks to the physical characteristics of Stonesize®, we can produce panel sizes of 2900mm x 1150mm.

The weight per panel is around 19 kg/m2.

Columns, partition walls and other large-format elements clad in backlit onyx

Columnas de ónix retroiluminado - Backlit onyx columns

The range of possibilities that Stonesize offers when it comes to using premium stones such as onyx to clad structural elements that also emanate light is infinite.

In the images, we can appreciate columns flanking the headboard of the main bed in the residence. The light generated by the backlit onyx columns contributes to creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere while providing the functionality of a luminaire.

In this case, the designer has opted for columns but could have planned a backlit onyx headboard or a backlit partition wall, as shown in the image below.

The translucent qualities of onyx are extraordinary, and at last, there is a solution that allows us to make the most of it aesthetically in interior design.

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