With Stonesize natural stone panels, it is possible to create marble stools capable of showing a solid effect without suffering the penalty of excessive weight.

The pieces we will see in this article were crafted based on designs created by Urvan Studio by Vianny Sanguily. These are premium interior design elements in which aesthetics and technology offer a unique type of furniture in its category.

Wrap-around grain continuation for a solid effect

Taburetes de mármol ligero - Lightweight marble stool

Stonesize marble stools are made using ultra-lightweight panels composed of:

  1. A thin layer of 100% natural marble (or other exotic natural stones such as onyx or quartzite).
  2. An ultra-light, super-strong sheet of aluminum or fiberglass.
  3. A layer of hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, polymer, or ultra-compact sheet depending on the application or needs of each design.
  4. Another layer of the same foil as in point 2.
Taburetes de mármol ligero - Lightweight marble stool

However, the final result does not show the sum of the different parts but a sculptural whole with a visual and tactile quality tough to match.

Taburetes de mármol ligero - Lightweight marble stool

The meticulous work of the edges and corners of the Stonesize marble and natural stone panels contribute to the enveloping effect, giving each piece a clean and refined finish.

Taburetes de mármol ligero - Lightweight marble stool

We also achieve a continuation of the natural grain in which the millimetric fit produces the aforementioned solid effect.

Maximum lightness

At first glance, no one would imagine that these designer marble stools weigh three times less than if they were made of 2 cm thick marble slabs.

Honeycomb applied to marble and natural stone - Honeycomb aplicado a mármol y piedra natural

This drastic reduction of the weight of Stonesize lightweight marble panels leads to the fact that their weight can even be less than that of porcelain tiles for large formats, reaching 20kg/m2.

Bigger resistance than conventional stone

In addition, Stonesize marble stools are so enhanced by the ultra-resistant materials inside them that they can withstand weights and impacts far bigger than furniture made of 2 cm thick dimensional stone.

Marble stools: unique and unrepeatable designs

Taburetes de mármol ligero - Lightweight marble stool

Although these are marble pieces optimized to the maximum from the aesthetic and functional point of view, we must not lose sight of the essential: the unparalleled uniqueness of the natural stone.

Each marble stool is unique. The exceptionality and expressiveness that a natural marble surface conveys are unparalleled.  It cannot be imitated. It is simply impossible for the pattern of its veins or gaps to be repeated serially. No two pieces are the same.

Marble, onyx, limestone, and quartzite, among others, are a creation of nature, not of man. Therefore, if we look for something unique, our best resource will always be natural stone.

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