Marble panels with honeycomb and split-face finish may seem an unusual combination: honeycomb represents state-of-the-art technology applied to the stone while the split-face finish is one of the oldest and most traditional in existence.

Mármol escarfilado - Honeycomb - Splitface marble

However, the union of the two allows the application of frosted marble with the same look but ightweight, more manageable, and the possibility to cover larger areas.

What does the split-face marble finishing consist of?

Mármol escarfilado - Honeycomb - Splitface marble

The process by which we obtain the frosted finish is handmade and consists of exposing, in a non-mechanized way, the reliefs and irregularities of the stone.

Mármol escarfilado - Honeycomb - Splitface marble

Years ago, this finish was used in rustic styles. However, nowadays, the frosted finish also makes a strong comeback for modern designs in contemporary styles.

What is Stonesize technology like?

Stonesize products with honeycomb consist of a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by an aluminum or polymer honeycomb core (the latter in backlit projects).

Paneles de mármol blanco para gran formato

Most of them allow maximum formats between 2000X1450 and 2900 X 1450 mm. Depending on the needs of each project, their weight can vary between 18 kg/m2 and 22.5 kg/m2. Visit our ultralight stone products page to learn more. You can also visit our page of finishes and textures for ultralight natural stone.

Mármol escarfilado - Honeycomb - Splitface marble

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