Raquel Oliva, vice president of Oliva Iluminación, has just launched her own collection called Raquel Oliva Collection.

At Stonesize we are very proud to announce that our materials are part of this new project full of beauty and innovation.

Raquel Oliva

The 15 exclusive tabletop pieces with refined lines, combine natural materials such as marble with high-quality premium fabrics and are distributed in two capsule collections called “Milan” and Sahara.”

Piedra translúcida lámparas - Translucent stone lamps

The concept of “capsule collection” ensures the exclusivity of the pieces because it offers a reduced number of lamps and also admits that elements can be combined according to each client’s preferences.

 Stonesize in Sahara capsule collection

“Sahara is inspired by the magical desert sunsets, where the sun and the sand merge to offer one of the most impressive sights in the world.” Raquel Oliva.

For this line, Stonesize has provided different varieties of ultra-light and translucent natural marble: Stonesize® SSPO. This solution combines a thin layer of natural stone reinforced by a core of Polymer Honeycomb enabling extreme lightness and translucency and allowing for magical backlighting.


In addition to belonging to a capsule collection, each luminaire’s unique character is reinforced by the fact that it incorporates natural stone.

Piedra translúcida lámparas - Translucent stone lamps

Each piece of stone is unique. The uniqueness and expressiveness conveyed by a marble or onyx element are unparalleled. It is impossible to mass produce because of the drawing of its veins or gaps. Marble, onyx, limestone, and quartzite are the result of the evolution of nature, not created by man. Therefore, each piece of the Sahara Collection is unique and unrepeatable.

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