Marble flooring for the garden is a classic application. However, its use in modern outdoor projects remains highly up-to-date thanks to its ability to adapt to contemporary style designs. The images in this post serve as example since they correspond to marble projects for the garden carried out by the Stonesize team.

Marble in exteriors can be an excellent choice for multiple reasons. Being a natural material and being able to incorporate non-slip finishes are just some examples.

Natural material

Suelos de mármol para el jardín y la piscina - Marble floors for the garden and swimming pool

Many of the most pleasant days of the year are spent in the garden by the pool. That’s where the kids play barefoot, where we get together with family and friends and where we relax. So, there is nothing better than being surrounded by a 100% natural material and enjoying its excellent feel.

The natural look of marble flooring for the garden

Villa VIII - Piscina Crema Premium - Premium Beige swimming pool

White, cream or grey; with or without veins, each piece of marble is unique and unrepeatable because it is itself a piece of nature. Its unparalleled appeal is distinguished from other materials by its stony origin and brings beauty, quality and elegance to terraces and pools.

Anti-slip finishes

Acabado ZERO suave muestra - Stonesize Honeycomb - Soft ZERO finish

Stonesize offers three types of non-slip finishes: Sandblasted and Zero. We can install non-slip floors around swimming pools or in outdoor passage areas thanks to these surface finishes.

In addition to preventing accidents, the matte and minimally rough layer of these finishes gives the stone a clean and comfortable appearance.

Anti-humidity treatments

Villa VIII - Jardín y exteriores de mármol - Marble

The garden’s stone and marble floors are an outdoor classic because the rock already comes from a natural environment, which is why it is often used outdoors. However, suppose the area where we will install the floor has intensive use or is exposed to water regularly (for example, from a swimming pool). In that case, we can treat the stone to reduce its absorption capacity and avoid problems of humidity.

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