Marble panels in giant format are increasingly in demand thanks to their aesthetic quality and technical performance.

In the image, we can observe a spectacular piece of white marble of 3600 mm x 1900 mm. Its final destination will be the countertop of a mega kitchen island.

Weight is no longer a problem

In the past, it was impossible to install a slab of these characteristics due to the excessive weight. It was unfeasible to transport a similar slab in dimensional stone (2 cm thick) from the factory to the destination, which, for example, could be on an eighth floor.

Mármol en formato gigante - Giant format marble

With Stonesize lightweight marble panels, we can reduce the weight of conventional marble slabs by almost three times. Stonesize marble panels can reach 20kg/m2, which is even lighter than porcelain tiles intended for large format.

Less thickness = more resistance

Due to the outstanding capabilities of Stonesize, we can reduce the 2 cm of dimensional thickness to minimum thicknesses of up to 5 mm depending on the requirements of each application and design.

However, the strength of each panel increases significantly because it is composed of several layers of ultra-light and ultra-strong materials topped by a final skin of 100% natural marble.

Mármol en formato gigante - Giant format marble

The result of this composite with marble skin offers extraordinary physical-mechanical properties concerning weight, size, and strength.

A varied collection of stones and marble in giant format

Lightweight natural stone collection Honeycomb - Colección de piedra natural ligera Honeycomb

The Stonesize natural stone collection features a wide variety of stones such as marble, quartzite, calcite, limestone, travertine, and onyx.

Acabados paneles de piedra y mármol - Stone and marble panels finishes

It also offers great versatility in terms of finishes and textures.

Mármol en formato gigante - Giant format marble

In the case of the image, the stone is a marble called Arabescato Breccia, with a spectacular brechoidal structure in which the whites of the base are mixed with lines of gray and taupe tones. The vein patterns can create magnificent book-match compositions in premium cladding or stunning marble countertops in giant format.

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