Enjoying wall-hung marble vanity is now possible.  And it is safe, quick, and easy to install.

Stonesize natural stone panels, highly lightweight and resistant, open up a new world of possibilities for interior design. They combine a thin natural stone skin with high-performance materials such as honeycomb or fibreglass.

Wall hung marble vanity - Mueble de baño flotante de mármol

As the pictures show, marble is no longer relegated to the worktop, nor does it need to rest on the floor. Finally, it is possible to have marble wall-mounted bathroom furniture without suffering from the extra weight.

Are the doors or drawers also made of marble?

Wall hung marble vanity - Mueble de baño flotante de mármol

Yes, they are. The extremely high performance of the ultra-light Stonsize stone panels allows designs in which the doors, drawers or other machined elements are also made of natural marble.

Marble with a wrap-around effect

Wall hung marble vanity - Mueble de baño flotante de mármol

Our team of specialists can produce pieces with a continuation of the grain on all five visible sides of the furniture.

Although several lightened marble panels are assembled during the process, the final effect is a finely carved sculptural whole.

What is Stonesize?



Stonesize is the ultra-lightweight stone system that has revolutionized the traditional concept of working the marble. It combines a laminated 100% natural stone panel with honeycomb, fibreglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials. The result allows us to do with natural stone what previously was not possible or too complex.

With Stonesize, we drastically reduce the weight of the wall-hung marble vanity and increase its resistance, two indispensable qualities for it to be installed in any building.

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