Large format black marble panels

Stonesize large format black marble panels feature a 100% natural white marble skin (non-porcelain) on a layer reinforced by ultra-light composite compact materials, such as aluminum honeycomb or fiberglass, among others.

It is a perfect solution for large projects of light architecture, interior design, naval design, ventilated facades, and technical floors.


Black marble collection for large format

Black, the color of elegance par excellence, is used in marble projects that emphasize sophistication and visual quality.

Mármol negro ligero - Saint Laurent -Lightweight black marble

Vulcano and Portoro marbles combine, each in its way, deep jet black backgrounds with striking white and gold veins. Black Dune has astonishing silver streaks. Saint Laurent goes a step further and adds copper reflections on a semi-precious base.

Mármol negro ligero - Black Mirage -Lightweight black marble

Blue Violet transports us to the most untamed corners of the stone through precious iridescent grooves. Black Mirage causes a sensation with its straight and very contrasting amber and white veins.


Black marble now without size limits

Mármol negro ligero -Lightweight black marble

The size of black marble, exclusive and seductive, grows to monumental dimensions thanks to the 2900 mm x 1450 mm offered by Stonesize.

Minimal thickness and weight

Thanks to the composite technology, each 2900X1450 black marble panel weighs only 14 kg/m2, making it easy to transport, handle, and install.

With Stonesize black marble panels, the natural stone layer has a minimum thickness of 5 mm.


Maximum resistance

The marble skin is reinforced by a core of highly resistant and lightweight materials such as aluminum honeycomb or polymer honeycomb.

Stonesize natural stone composite panel types

Stonesize uses different back support options and the combination of different high-performance composite materials that facilitate natural stone use in many applications.


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