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Lightweight Blue Violet marble

Lightweight Blue Violet marble for large format

The lightweight Blue Violet marble for large format combines a 100% natural Blue Violet laminated panel with honeycomb, fiberglass or other light and highly resistant materials.

Blue Violet is a black marble which incorporates white and grey veins that stand out for their excellent movements. If we observe a large slab of this natural stone, we will discover that its furrows evoke the curves, nooks, and cracks of a millenary trunk of large dimensions.

However, the uniqueness of Blue Violet does not end here. The iridescent shades of its entire surface lead to a sparkling patina that has no equal. The black stone acquires violet reflections, being able to cover any space with beauty, exoticism, and originality.

Stonesize’s lightweight Blue Violet marble panels for large formats admit thicknesses from 5 mm. to 20 mm, and a maximum size of 2500 x 1450 mm. Its weight is almost three times less than its equivalent in conventional thickness (2 cm.)

Our lightweight Blue Violet marble is perfect for large interior design projects, naval design, ventilated facades, and technical floors.

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