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Lightweight Vulcano black marble

Lightweight Vulcano black marble for large format

The lightweight Vulcano black marble for large format combines a 100% natural Vulcano laminated panel with honeycomb, fiberglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials.

Vulcano is a black marble highly valued for its exquisite color combination and quality. From the depths of its dark base emerges a rhythmic alternation of white and golden veins.

Black, white, and gold create an impressive combination with a remarkable dynamism thanks to the energetic sway of each of its lines.

Stonesize’s Vulcano black marble for large format admits thicknesses from 5 mm to 20 mm and a maximum size of 2500 x 1450 mm. Their weight is almost three times less than its conventional equivalent of 2 cm thickness.

Our lightweight Vulcano black marble or large format is perfect for large interior design projects, naval design, ventilated facades, and technical floors.

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