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Lightweight Sky Blue quartzite

Lightweight Sky Blue quartzite for large format

The lightweight Sky Blue quartzite for large format combines a 100% natural Sky Blue laminated panel with honeycomb, fiberglass, or other lightweight and highly resistant materials.

The aesthetics of Sky Blue is strikingly similar to that of the sky on a sunny day.  As if it was the celestial vault, the base of this dazzling natural stone shuffles different blues such as topaz or pastel blue.

The patterns form predominantly fluffy white clouds of varying thicknesses and sizes. Occasionally, very thin light gray cirrus clouds and some cumulus clouds in soft ochre tones also appear.

Sky Blue is not only exceptional for its great harmony but also its excellent strength. This natural stone belongs to the quartzite family, and it is perfect for large-format interior cladding in premium bathrooms and kitchens thanks to its low porosity and high scratch resistance.

Stonesize’s Sky Blue quartzite for large format admits thicknesses from 5 mm to 20 mm and a maximum size of 2500 x 1450 mm. Their weight is almost three times less than its conventional equivalent of 2 cm thickness.

Our lightweight Sky Blue quartzite for large format is perfect for large interior design projects, naval design, and technical floors.

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