Thanks to technological advances regarding the preparation of natural stone, the creation of marble elements for interior design is booming.

Beyond the everlasting bathroom or kitchen countertops, today, designers and interior designers can create marble pieces of all kinds without limits. From natural stone ceilings to kitchen cabinets, from marble lamps to stools.

Below, we are going to see the wide range of marble elements for interior design that the Stonesize ultra-light natural stone system allows us to create.

Marble lamps

Piedra translucida lámparas - Translucent stone lamps

Famous lighting designers such as Raquel Oliva bet on translucent marbles such as Savannah Pink to create unique and unrepeatable jewel lamps.

The translucent condition of Savannah Pink combined with the polymer honeycomb reinforcement, also translucent, allows for ultra-light and beautiful natural stone luminaires.

Large-format backlit elements

Mármol ligero vs mármol convencional - Retroilumionados - Backlits - Lightweight marble vs. conventional marble

But the potential of backlit elements does not only allow for small or medium-sized lamps.

The high performance regarding lightness, size, and resistance of SSPO also offers the possibility of creating significant backlit elements such as prominent walls, columns, or tables.

Large format marble flooring

Suelo de mármol de gran formato - Large format marble floor

Also, looking at flooring, we can see that the integration of marble in flooring projects has changed dramatically. The new trends leave behind the small stone tiles in favor of large marble slabs where the continuation of the grain makes the difference.

Extendido en seco en mármol de gran formato - Large format marble dry laying

Thanks to large-format dry paving, it is possible to create large book-match compositions that cover the entire floor.

Marble ceilings

Techos de piedra natural - Interiors - Interiors - Natural stone ceilings

Until now, ceilings were a forbidden area for marble. However, with Stonesize ultralight marble panels, it is possible to design large-format natural stone ceilings indoors and outdoors.

Marble kitchen cabinets (including fronts)

Frentes de cocina de piedra natural - Natural stone kitchen fronts

Kitchens have always incorporated natural stone into their work surfaces because it combines beauty and durability. However, the excessive weight has excluded it from integration into the cabinetry itself.

The thickness of the dimensional stone is at least 2 cm, so creating drawer or cabinet fronts was a difficult challenge.

Today, with Stonesize, we achieve a weight almost three times less than conventional stone while reducing its thickness and increasing the strength of each panel.

Stonesize marble and natural stone kitchen fronts are more than just a sheet of stone adhered to a structural panel. Stonesize covers all the edges of the front so that when each door or drawer is opened, the stone aesthetic is 100% enveloping, thus avoiding exposing the material inside the panel.

Ultra-lightweight, solid-effect marble bathroom furniture (wall-mounted or freestanding)

Instalar muebles suspendidos de piedra natural

Stonesize ultralight natural stone furniture is made of laminated panels that combine a thin natural stone skin with high-performance materials such as honeycomb or fiberglass.

We obtain the block shape by assembling several pieces. However, its appearance suggests that it is a whole and not the sum of several components. An example of this is the continuity of the grain pattern around the furniture.

The extraordinary lightness of Stonesize natural stone panels makes it possible to create both floor-standing and floating furniture.

Large-format book-match wall cladding for interiors

Paneles ligeros de mármol para paredes de interior - Lightweight marble panels for interior walls

The book match compositions can reach 5800 mm, thus surpassing what is imaginable in interior cladding with natural stone.

The number of joints is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing for a perfect fit between veins.

Marble stools

As in the case of marble elements for interior design that we have already seen, the final result of these pieces does not show the sum of different parts but a sculptural whole with a visual and tactile quality tough to match.

The meticulous work of the edges and joints of the Stonesize marble and natural stone panels contribute to the enveloping effect, giving each piece a clean and refined finish.

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