Large format white marble panels

Stonesize large format white marble panels feature a 100% natural white marble skin (non-porcelain) on a layer reinforced by ultra-light composite compact materials, such as aluminum honeycomb or fiberglass, among others.

It is a perfect solution for large projects of light architecture, interior design, naval design, ventilated facades, and technical floors.


White marble collection for large format

White is one of the most demanded colors in marble projects due to the luminosity and splendor it brings to any space.

Book match of lightweight marble for large format- Bianco Lasa Bathroom

The exuberant Blanco Milano and Arabescato Breccia captivate like no other through their breccia patterns. Calacatta, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Licoln and Carrara Statuarietto combine elegance, beauty and classicism.

Bianco Lasa and Harlequin White make a strong impact with the play of contrasts Black&White. Thassos White and Nebula White make us fall in love with their snowy purity, while Lilac mixes white with violet lines.


White marble now without size limits

Extendido en seco en mármol de gran formato - Large format marble dry laying

The aesthetics of white marble, clear and timeless, now becomes monumental thanks to the 2900 mm x 1450 mm offered by Stonesize.

Minimal thickness and weight

Thanks to the composite technology, each 2900X1450 white marble panel weighs only 14 kg/m2, making it easy to transport, handle, and install.

With Stonesize white marble panels, the natural stone layer has a minimum thickness of 5 mm.


Maximum resistance

The marble skin is reinforced by a core of highly resistant and lightweight materials such as aluminum honeycomb or polymer honeycomb.

Stonesize natural stone composite panel types

Stonesize uses different back support options and the combination of different high-performance composite materials that facilitate natural stone use in many applications.


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